Conference Goals

The theme of this event is "Innovative Technologies for Quality of Global Education".

The Conference Goals are:

  •   To establish institutional links among all partners of education.
  •   To share successful classroom project examples that make a meaningful difference, and ideas/models of curriculum/classroom learning enhancement.
  •   To demonstrate and provide hands-on experience in leading technology
  •   To encourage cross-cultural understanding through the use of different languages in project work, making a place for voices which are not usually heard, and exploring other ways of breaking down barriers.
  •   To enlarge the iEARN community to expand its global community of educators and youth leaders using telecommunications.
  •   To create an environment for new collaborative project ideas to be developed, and enable participants to return home with specific actions to create and/or expand online educational project work.

Call for Proposals

We invite you to attend the 23rd Annual iEARN International Conference and 20th Annual Youth Summit 2017 and submit proposals for sessions, panels, best practices, roundtables, tutorials, workshops, posters, demonstrations and ICTs sessions.

You may submit more than one session proposal, but priority will be given to providing as many presenters as possible the chance to present before accepting additional sessions .

For more information, please send an e-mail to:

The submission deadline is June 10th , 2017

The theme of the conference will serve as an umbrella for several sub- themes such as

  •   Innovative technologies in education,
  •   Content development,
  •   Teachers Professional development,
  •   New developments in ICTE
  •   Education and globalization,
  •   Gender issues in ICT Education,
  •   Collaborative learning,
  •   Teaching and learning strategies,
  •   Empowering Girls through Education,
  •   Service Learning,
  •   Innovation and Changes
  •   Children as Global Citizens of Tomorrow,
  •   Inclusive Education,
  •   Instructional Design,
  •   Impact of Virtual Exchanges
  •   UN Sustainable Development goals with a focus on Quality Education

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